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Employment Policies for Uganda: Young Leaders' Perspectives

Public Dialogue organised by the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives

The KAS-initiated "Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives" will present policy recommendations to address the challenge of youth unemployment in Uganda.

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The “Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives” is an initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to enhance youth participation in governance and policy formulation in Uganda. The Think Tank is a permanent group of 20 highly qualified and committed young Ugandans who interact and work together on a regular basis in order to analyse policy issues and develop policy alternatives from the perspective of the young generation.

Given its current demographics, Uganda is an extremely young country in international comparison and with the high birth rate in the country the population will continue to grow significantly, and young people will make up a growing percentage of the Ugandan population. This development comes with a number of chances and challenges, and whether the chances will be exploited and the challenges be managed well depends heavily on the willingness and ability of political actors to ensure the successful involvement of the growing number of young people in the process of national development and in decision-making. In order to avert negative developments, future policies have to be designed in a way that they ensure sustainability and inter-generational justice.

In this light, the “Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives” aims at

- Providing a platform for young leaders to discuss policy matters in a constructive and non-partisan manner;

- Enabling young leaders to develop and formulate alternative policy suggestions reflecting the interests and concerns of young Ugandans;

- Giving a voice to the young generation by publishing position papers and organising public dialogues;

- Strengthening the skills of young leaders in analysing and debating policy issues and formulating and presenting positions;

- Encouraging young multipliers to lead by example in focused, issue-related and constructive political interaction and debating.

Focus on Unemployment

The members of the Young Leaders’ Think Tank for Policy Alternatives have worked intensively on the topic of (un-)employment in Uganda with a particular focus on the situation of the youth. Based on an analysis of the situation and the existing policies the members have discussed and formulated policy recommendations that could help addressing challenges of youth (un-)employment in Uganda. The analysis and recommendations are outlined in a comprehensive paper that provides the basis for this dialogue. The recommendations have already been shared with some outstanding experts and policy makers, among them the former German President Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler and the Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah.

The Think Tank intends to share with the public some of its findings on the said topic and thereafter get consensus on the way forward with policy makers and other stakeholders in order to have policy reforms leading to a reduction in unemployment levels in Uganda.

Concept of the Public Dialogue

The public dialogue will bring together participants with special interest in and expertise on employment and youth issues as well as policy makers and key stakeholders on matters of employment. The aim of the public dialogue is to share with the public the findings on the causes of unemployment and suggesting practical ways in which the government and other stakeholders can deal with the challenge especially among the youth. The Think Tank hopes that the consensus built during the public dialogue can be used as starting point for policy reforms and subsequent action to curb unemployment in Uganda.


02:00pmArrival and Registration

02:30pmWelcome Remarks by KAS and Think Tank Representatives

02:40pmOpening Address by Hon. Ronald Kibuule, Minister of State for Youth Affairs

02:50pmPresentation on Challenges of Youth (Un-)Employment in Uganda by Jasper Oketa, Member of the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives

03:05pmPresentation of Policy Recommendations by Sharon Nakandha, Member of the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives

03:20pmPanel Discussion


Hon. Monica Amoding, Chairperson Parliamentary Youth Forum

Prof. Yasin Olum, Makerere University

Charles Ocici, Enterprise Uganda

04:00pm Open Discussion with the Invited Guests

04:50pmConcluding Remarks by the Panellists

05:00pmTea/coffee and departure

Moderator: Gawaya Tegulle

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Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala


Employment Policies for Uganda: Young Leaders' Perspectives: Public Dialogue organised by the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives
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Mathias Kamp

Programme Officer

Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives KAS

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