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Media and Good Governance

KAS-UMDF Training Programme for Journalists

With support from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF) is continuing its training programme for journalists at regional and district level. In 2012 the focus of the trainings is the issue of good governance.

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The training programme is designed with a threefold purpose, namely to offer media practitioners a refresher opportunity to critically assess their role in good governance, to appreciate the practical implications of poor governance on the media, and to devise relevant and actionable strategies as media interventions to address poor governance challenges.

Target Group

Mid-career Journalists, District Information Officers, Communication Officers in NGO, CSOs and CBOs, media managers of regional-based FM stations

Training Objectives

By the end of the training intervention, participants will be able to:

a) Justify the necessity of Good Governance for an effective media;

b) Identify the causes and effects of poor governance and how these undermine the role of the media;

c) Formulate actionable media strategies for addressing governance challenges, and;

d) Make recommendations to government for an empowered media role in achieving good governance.

Media and Good Governance

The emphasis of this component is on the critical importance of good governance for an effective media. This is covered in the following topics:

a) Defending Good Governance: Concept and Practice

b) A Re-appraisal of the Role of Media in Good Governance

c) Revisiting the Millennium Development Goals and the Role of Media in Development Cooperation

d) Governance challenges in Developing Countries: The case of Uganda

e) Governance challenges at Local Government and their impact on media effectiveness

f) Effective Communication of Parliamentary Debate

Effective Media Production and Management

This course component is designed to enhance the practical skills of media practitioners to produce and market competitive media products. This is essential if the media is to assert its role effectively in consolidating good governance in the country.

a) Principles of Media Management

b) Marketing Skills for Media Practitioners

c) The hallmarks of a good investigative Journalist

d) Accessing sources of information

e) Essentials of Audience Research

f) Elements of Persuasive Communication

g) Developing a winning Media Strategy

h) Group Project

The Media Action Plan

The Media Action Plan is the participants’ strategic time-bound actionable targets on good governance implementation by the media and recommended facilitation. This is the resolution that will be disseminated public as the outcome of the training course.

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Mathias Kamp

Programme Officer

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