Public Dialogue on the East African Political Federation



Former Secretary General of the East African Community, Hon. Amanya Mushega has called upon member states to follow the community’s fundamental principals of democracy, good governance, rule of law and human rights. He was speaking at Makerere University in a public dialogue organised by the University’s Convocation with support from Konrad-Adenenauer-Stiftung, March 06, 2009. The dialogue was organised to discuss the East African Political Federation.

Hon. Mushega pointed out that a successful federation would bring about several benefits to the region including common markets, common services and free movement of people etc. These are benefits that were enjoyed during the first East African Community. He said that whereas the break-up of the first East African Community was quite violent, current efforts to revive the regional body should be supported. Member countries should dedicate adequate resources and assign their best human capital to the service of the community. Also present at the dialogue were Hon. Lydia Wanyoto, Member of the East African Legislative Assembly and KAS Programme Officer Yusuf Kiranda. Over 150 Makerere University students participated in the dialogue.

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