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POSTPONED: Policy Roundtable Discussion with Academics

Debating Strategies for Increasing Women in Higher Education Leadership

The planned roundtable discussion initiates a new policy engagement drive by UNIFOG and KAS Uganda. The initiative aims at fostering interest whilst facilitating a platform for scholars to contribute towards public policy discourse in Uganda.

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For quite some time, the policy discourse in Uganda has remained a reserve of the political elite and public service bureaucrats, and seldom involves independent experts and academics. Consequently, Uganda’s policy making has been criticised for not being evidence based as well as being disconnected from theory. The new initiative by UNIFOG and KAS aims to bridge this gap by facilitating academics to regularly contribute towards ideas around salient issues of policy and development particularly in the areas of democratic governance, economic policy, human rights, and gender.

The first and upcoming roundtable will address the question of strategies for increasing women in higher leadership positions in public universities of Uganda, an area where women remain largely underrepresented.

The discussion will be premised on a paper by Tabitha Mulyampiti, which provides short and long term strategies to improve the representation of women in senior and management level positions in the higher education sector. These strategies seek to embed a focus on gender equality as a strategic priority in universities’ planning and reporting processes. They are drawn from the theory and practice of organisational cultural change and of gender as a construct that perpetuates particular forms of masculine domination.

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Conference Hall of the Department of Gender and Women Studies, Makerere University


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