Event Reports

Kick-off of the Scholars and Alumni Network

by Verena Kasirye
Building Networks beyond KAS-Programs

Many of our youth scholars and alumni followed our invitation for the Kick-off event of our new Alumni Network. By hosting fellows from our different KAS youth programmes, KAS hopes to build new networks and generate a platform for likeminded young leaders to connect.

For the Kick-off, the KAS scholars and alumni were given a platform to get to know all the KAS youth programmes and - with Youth4Policy, Media Challenge Initiative, Inter Party Youth Platform, the Young Leaders Project and the KAS-UMU scholarship programme being represented - gained deeper insights into the landscape of young leaders and advocates for democratic values.  

The voices of the participants who took part were very appreciative about the given opportunity to meet other young people from the KAS-Network and get to know their engagements and topics: “It is a great initiative for young leaders to meet-up, come together, share ideas and connect to further projects”, voiced one participant.

We want to thank you for your ample attendance at the Kick-off evening and we are looking forward to seeing you at our next Alumni Network in March where we celebrate the farewell of our country director Mathias Kamp.

Verena Kasirye

Verena Kasirye

Programme Officer

verena.kasirye@kas.de +256 312 262 011/2