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Less talk, more action for better service delivery greater masaka region

The signature civic education training for appointed and elected leaders took place inMasaka from 27 th to 28 th March 2018 with participants from Kyotera, Kalungu and Masakadistricts.

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Over 40 elected and appointed district leaders attended a training held by Konrad Adenauer

Stiftung (KAS) and the Directorate of National Guidance (DNG) in Masaka. With the

increased appreciation of pluralism amongst the different leaders, the training for the

appointed and elected leaders across the country has created more awareness among the

different leaders about the need to be accommodative and tolerant to each other. This was

confirmed in Masaka during their training when the deputy Resident District Commissioner

for Masaka invited the opposition leaders in the various councils to join hands and work

together. He requested the opposition to invite him to their activities which he will be willing

to attend. In return, he offered the free government airtime available on the different media

stations to the civic education programme. He asked the district leaders to form a taskforce

which would be useful in going to the various media stations. He emphasized the need for

the need for leaders to work together for the betterment of their districts and for effective

service delivery.

Dr. Mutto’s then held a session on “local leaders in good governance in a multiparty

dispensation”, speaking on the role of civic education in nation building and democracy to

improve service delivery. Working together in a pluralistic environment remains a challenge

in Uganda. However, each citizen must take responsibility to improve the country. Dr. Mutto

spoke about the broader concepts underpinning democracy such as the rules and

responsibilities of government and citizens, free and fair elections, mass media, and

business. He emphasized building citizen awareness for these issues and encouraging

citizens to participate in all aspects of society.

Commissioner Kambarage enlightened the participants on their role as district leaders not

representatives of their political parties. He urged them focus their energies on serving their

electorate as opposed to politiquing noting that politics has its time and place in our lives.

On day 2 of the training, Dr. Mutto held a further presentation on the topic of

“Understanding democracy in a multiparty environment: what does it mean for service

delivery? He noted that democracy and human rights are often portrayed as a Western

concept foreign to African societies which was not the case. These human rights must be

protected by the government. Furthermore, elected officials are appointed by the people,

which mean they are in turn accountable to the electorate. Citizens must therefore learn to

hold their politicians accountable.

The Director of Information and National Guidance Mr. Simon Mayende made the closing

remarks urging all leaders to work together. He pledged government support to the districts

especially with regard to timely communication on key policy issues.

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