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Informed and Resilient

How to Protect Democratic Societies in Times of COVID-19 and Digital Change

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According to a recent report from Pew Research, many tech experts predict “that humans’ use of technology will weaken democracy between now and 2030.” The experts’ worries “often center on the interplay of trust, truth and democracy,” the report states. COVID-19 seems to confirm this view: Conspiracy theories and the rise in disinformation indicate that many people have a weakened trust in facts and scientific findings. At the same time, the pandemic is accelerating global trends in digital surveillance and personal data collection. Against this background, how can democratic societies effectively protect the authenticity and validity of information and digital identities? How can they strengthen their resilience against information warfare and cyber threats without undermining the liberal values and principles of democracy?




Julian Jaursch, Project Director “Strengthening the Digital Public Sphere / Policy”, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, Berlin

Sean McDonald, Co-founder, digitalpublic, Washington DC

Brian Edward Ray, Director, Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Tabea Wilke, Founder and CEO, botswatch Technologies GmbH, Berlin

Paul Linnarz, Director, KAS office USA (Moderator), Washington D.C.

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