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Squaring the Circle of the Lebanese-Syrian Borders, a Utopia?

A report by Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies - MEIRSS and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Lebanon Office.

Since the declaration of independence of Syria and Lebanon, and the first tracing of the borders between the two countries, many issues have arisen around the accuracy, the reality, and respect of this borderline. Smuggling, illegal transitions, violations of military and political delimitations, and an ever-growing list of violations are reported daily at the borders.
The issue of the demarcation/delineation/delimitation of the Lebanese-Syrian borders is not new, and there are no signs that it will be resolved anytime soon. So, why is it so important to try “squaring the circle” of this intricate and sensitive issue, at a time both countries are witnessing ever-deepening unrest and incessant crises?

The importance of tackling the issue of the Lebanese-Syrian borders today lies in the fact that both countries have experienced intense internal turmoil over the past decade. Moreover, a glimpse into the current field of research reveals that the most recent comprehensive studies about the topic date back to 2018. Therefore, MEIRSS and KAS see a strong necessity to reopen the subject and tackle its various aspects today.

This report is twofold; on the one hand, it aims at assessing the situation on the borders through field reports and investigative research, and on the other hand, it is intended to address the legal and historical aspects of the volatile frontline between the two neighboring countries.

The methodology for this study is based on desk research, fieldwork, and interviews conducted with experts based in the relevant areas. The report focuses more on the issue from the Lebanese side, with some insights about the Syrian side, especially the economic aspect.



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