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Promoting Electoral Awareness among Lebanese Citizens Especially Youth

Phase IV

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Lebanon Office and Advanced Democracy for Sustainable Peace conducted 12 training sessions for youth across Lebanon.

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The project series “Promoting Electoral Awareness”, helped in raising awareness about the elections, electoral laws, political systems as well as the importance of voting and how voting is related to democracy.

Through the sessions, Mr. Assem Chaya covered different topics that will help the participants understand the electoral law and push them to vote wisely. Especially that the Lebanese parliamentary election is set to take place in May this year. This election comes after several crises that faced the Lebanese people and there is a big need to vote.


The 12 training sessions had a total of 425 participants.

1. February 19, 2022: Hasbaya- South

2. February 22, 2022: Zahrat Al Ehsan- Ashrafieh-Beirut

3. March 15, 2022: Nadia Aoun High School for girls – Ain EL Remmaneh - Baabda

4. March 25, 2022: Cheheim- Al Shouf

5. March 28, 2022: Saint Joseph University – Beirut

6. March 29, 2022: Sagesse University – Baabda

7. March 31, 2022: Tyre - South

8. April 22, 2022:  Fakeha – North Bekaa

9. April 22, 2022: Qaa – North Bekaa

10. April 26, 2022: Shouifat High school - Aley

11. April 27, 2022: Saint Joseph University – Mansourieh - Maten

12. April 29, 2022: Saufar High School – Aley

The sessions were very interactive and the participants showed a high level of interest and eagerness to learn more about the given topic.


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Dania Ismaiel

Dania Ismaiel

Coordinateur de projet +961 (0)1 388 095/6


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