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MP Mark Hauptmann in Wellington, New Zealand

by Eva Wagner

KAS Regional Programme Australia and the Pacific is pleased to have organised various events with MP Mark Hauptmann during his stay in Wellington as a Fellow of the New Zealand Government.

At a Luncheon Discussion held in cooperation with The New Zealand Initiative on current political and economic challenges in Germany and Europe, MP Mark Hauptmann had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the local business community. There was a great interest in the implications of Brexit, the upcoming EU elections, Germany’s electoral system and its rules on social media, the free trade negotiations between Europe and New Zealand as well as the German perspective of China’s new role in the world.

​​​​​​​At a Roundtable Discussion held in cooperation with The Asia New Zealand Foundation, the focus was on the German and European relations with Asia. In his impulse statement, MP Mark Hauptmann referred to the unbroken dynamics in, and the need to reach out to, Asia. He also gave a first-hand account of Germany’s cooperation with Vietnam. While the Asia New Zealand Foundation was interested in Europe’s engagement in the Pacific, other participants raised various issues including China’s Belt & Road Initiative. There was a consensus on the need for like-minded countries to cooperate in times of global challenges.

KAS Canberra would like to thank its cooperation partners and wishes MP Mark Hauptmann all the best for the remainder of his stay.


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