Alternative Dispute Resolution

Regional Forum

Participants: Business organisations, local industry in the Ashanti Region


Conflict is accepted as part and parcel of every human activity. However its resolution determines the level of progress of any particular society. In Ghana concerns have been raised over the years by the stakeholders in the business community about the length of time spent in adjudicating business cases in the Courts. This is disincentive and anathema to the development and growth of the private sector. In order to reduce the time spent in the delivery of justice in the Courts and to enhance expertise and specialization in certain areas of the law- commercial and investment law, the Ghana Arbitration Centre has been established to address a critical need of the country by resolving commercial disputes.

Unfortunately, most business concerns including the operators are not sensitized on the existence of the Arbitration Centre as a viable, reliable, fair and expeditious system of dispute resolution.

It was against this background of limited information that, Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF) in collaboration with the Ghana Arbitration Centre and with support from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF) organized a sensitization seminar on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in November 2005 for Business Executives.

The seminar which was attended by thirty-three (33) participants was to educate and encourage the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in settlement of disputes.

One of the recommendations arising from the seminar was for the Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF) to widen the scope of the sensitization seminars to cover other regions of the country. PEF considers the recommendation very important because Alternative Dispute Resolution is an important pillar for acceleration of growth and development of the economy.

In view of this, the PEF with support from KAF plans to organize seminars for Business Executives in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi this year.

The first of these planned seminars is scheduled to take place from 27th -29th March, 2006 at the Georgia Hotel, Kumasi. The seminar is expected to be attended by representatives of selected business organizations in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

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