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Fact vs. Fake: The impact of fact-checking organisations in Africa

It is difficult to measure the impact of fact checkers on African society. But their work may be the key to restoring the credibility of the media.

As the notion of “Fake News” continues to dominate media discourse, the work of fact-checking is more relevant than ever. Indeed, organisations dedicated to separating truth from fiction are experiencing a real boom in Africa. Africa Check was founded in 2012 as the first independent fact-checking organisation on the continent. Since then, they have been joined by smaller and more local initiatives, such as Dubawa and Congo Check.

Our researcher Franzisa Krämer was curious about the impact their activities have. How do they make sure to reach decision-makers, journalists and citizens alike? And, how can they even measure their influence? Franziska spoke to fact-checkers from a number of African countries to find out.