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Comparing press freedom in Africa and Germany

An interview with Christoph Plate, Head of the Sub-Saharan Africa Media Programme of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Social Media Guide

Plate describes a relatively high level of freedom of the press in South Africa, but this does not apply to neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe or Angola.

The credibility of the media is repeatedly questioned in Germany. Such discussions would also exist in Africa. Falsified news or false reports could lead to violent conflicts between certain ethnic groups in these sometimes very fragile societies.

Profitability also plays a role in African media. In West Africa (Ghana or Nigeria) there are shining examples of how publishers can compensate for the declining newspaper business with radio stations, television stations, websites or paywalls. There are a variety of models with which the basis for a media company can be created in order to pay journalists fair salaries.

Plate's central message of the recently published Social Media Guide for Politicians: "Similar to Germany: use social media for your political work, but don't let social media use you."

Use the link to see the video: Christoph Plate-Interview