Expert conference

"Demokratie und Rechtsstaat in Rumänien und Südosteuropa - Herausforderungen und Perspektiven"

Internationale Konferenz

Am 30 Juni und 01. Juli 2005 fand in Bukarest die Auftaktveranstaltung zum regionalen Rechtsstaatsprogramm statt.


International Conference:

Democracy and Rule of Law in Romania and SEE:

challenges and perspectives

Thursday 30th of June – Friday 1st of July


Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel

Day 1 – 30th of June (Platinum Hall)

Working language: English

9:30 – 9:45Opening of Conference

Dr. Guenter Dill,

Director of Konrad Adenauer Foundation – Bucharest Office

Cora Motoc, Coordinator of Rule of Law Program, Konrad Adenauer Foundation – Bucharest Office

Opening Key Note Speeches:

9:45 – 10:15Traian Basescu, President of Romania

10:15 – 10:45 Univ.Prof. Dr. Detlef. Merten

Public Law Department of Speyer University

10:45 – 11:15Prof. Dr. Carl Otto Lenz, former Advocate General of EU Court of Justice in Luxemburg

11: 15 – 11:45Coffee Break and Press Conference (Platinum Hall)

11:45 – 14:30 Independence and Reform of Justice (plenary) – Platinum Hall

1st topic

Moderator: Univ.Prof. Dr. Detlef Merten, Public Law Department of Speyer University

Key-note speaker:

Mrs. Monica Macovei, Minister of Justice

Interventions of experts (15-20 min. each):

- Mr. Mato Tadić, president of the Constitutional Court, Bosniaand Herzegovina

- Mr. Georgi Slanchev, attorney, private law firm, Bulgaria

- Prof. Dr. Pavo Barišić, assistent of the minister of science, education and sports; president of the Croatian Paneuropean Union, Croatia

- Ms. Nada Penova, State Advisor at the Ministry of Justice in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

- Mrs. Nevenka Mugoša – councilor in the Ministry of Justice in Montenego


14:30 – 16:00Lunch


16:00 –19:00 Minorities, freedom of expression and rule of law (Colorado Hall)

Moderator: Dr. Gabriel Andreescu, APADOR-CH

2nd and 3rd

topics (in parallel)

Key note speaker:

Mrs. Renate Weber, Presidential Counselor on Constitutional and Legislative issues, former President of Open Society Foundation

Interventions of experts (15-20 min. each):

-Mrs. Branka Raguž, Human rights Ombudsman in Fedation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

-Mrs. Jakjlin Toleva, law adwiser at the Bulgarian Parliament, Bulgaria

-Mr. David Orlović, general secretary of the Serbian National Council, Croatia

-Mr. Gordan Georgiev, Executive Director of FORUM-Center for Strategic Research and Documentation, Macedonia

-Mr. Zoran Pažin – Ground Court President in Podgorita, Montenegro

-Zorana Marković – Ministry for Human Rights and Minorities, Serbia-Montenegro


16:00 –19:00 Anti-corruption, transparency and access to information

(Florida Hall)

Moderator: Ms. Oana Zabava, Executive Director, Transparency International – Romania

Key-note speaker:

Mr. Codru Vrabie, expert,

Romanian Institute of Training

Interventions of experts (15-20 min. each):

- Mrs. Aleksandra Martinović, programme manager Transparency International - Bosnia and Herzegovina,

- Mrs. Aneta Slancheva, lawyer at the Centre for Economical Development in Sofia, Bulgaria

- Mrs. Violeta Liović, executive director of Transparency International - Croatia

- Dr. Gordan Kalajdziev, Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus" in Skopje, Member of Transparency International – Macedonia

- Ms. Nemanja Nenadić, Transparency International - Serbia


17:30Coffee Break (30 minutes)

18:00 - 19:00Discussions

19.30Cocktail party (Platinum Hall)

DAY 2 – 1st of July

9.00Opening of day 2 (Platinum Hall)

Conclusions of first day panels

09.30 - 12:30Legacy of the past and prospects for the future

Moderator: Stejarel Olaru, historian

4th topicKey-note speaker 1:

Mr. Marius Oprea, historian

30 minutes

Key – note speaker 2:

Mrs. Anne de Ligne, Head of Justice and Home Affairs, Social Sector and Civil Society Section in the Delegation of the European Commission in Romania

30 minutes

Interventions of experts (15-20 min. each):

- Mr. Ahmed Žilić, international law expert, Bosnia- Herzegovina

- Mr. Grigory Konstantinov Bojadjev, jurist consultant of the Union of Democratic Forces, Bulgaria

- Dr. Igor Graovac, scientific associate at the Croatian Institute for History, Croatia

- Prof. Dr. Dimitar Mirchev, Professor at the Faculty of social sciences in Skopje, member of the management board at the Faculty of social sciences in Skopje, Macedonia

- Mrs. Vesna Rakić – Vodinelić, CUPS, Serbia-Montenegro

Total discussions/interventions/comments: 2 hours

12:30 – 13:00Summary/Closing session

Mrs. Georgiana Iorgulescu, Center for Legal Resources

Declarations/Press Statements


Departure of participants


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Bukarest, Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel


Traian Basescu
StaatspräsidentMonica Macovei
JustizministerinDr. Guenter Dill
Leiter KAS BukarestProf. Dr. Detlef Merten
Universität SpeyerProf. Dr. Carl Otto Lenz
Ehem. Generalanwalt am Europäischen Gerichtshof in Luxemburg u.a.

Dr. Günter Dill

_Demokratie und Rechtsstaat in Rumänien und Südosteuropa - Herausforderungen und Perspektiven_

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