IFP Municipal Leadership Development Programme (Session 2)

Good Local Governance: From Potential to Prosperity

A programme to enhance the competencies of local government leaders and to build the capacity of local municipalities towards the vision and actions related to quality governance, appropriate policy making and effective and ethical leadership.


"LOCAL GOVERNANCE is about PUBLIC SERVICE DELIVERY. Through GOOD PUBLIC LEADERSHIP one will reach GOOD GOVERNANCE (which must be effective and ethical) and which will lead to the oucome of WINNING ELECTIONS". (Statement by Prof. Erwin Schwella)

Governing good and governing well makes a difference. It makes a difference to local communities through improved service delivery, a difference to citizens by improving their quality of life, a difference to the economy through innovative inclusive development which includes local economic development, a difference to governance and the parties who govern good and well as governance become more effective and ethical. It also makes a difference to parties who govern good and well as these parties have a better chance of being re-elected into government.

For positive outcome, role players must possess over the necessary competencies in the form of appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to govern and lead effectively and ethically. Good local government is also served by municipalities who build the performance capacity of the municipality in partnership with the community, business and local professionals and experts. This co-creation must be based on ideas and evidence rather than on ideology and emotions. Learning governance and leadership which is based on knowledge, action learning and action research can create public value through inclusive innovation and development.

The 30 to 35 participants for the course will be selected by the IFP and its constituent bodies and will attend all four courses. Attendance is compulsory. The participants have to commit to attending all four courses and all eight days across the learning sets, as well as to contribute to the learning processes between courses. The participants will be senior local governance leaders such as Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Speakers and other senior local government leaders selected and delegated to attend through the IFP selection process.


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