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Mit Beteiligung der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ungarn lädt die Joseph Károlyi Stiftung zur internationalen Konferenz im Károly Schloss in Fehérvárcsurgó. Kontakt: e-mail angelica@karolyi.org.hu; kastely@karolyi.org.hu; Tel. +36 21 311 04 26


A comparative analysis of the role and the perceived role of constitutions and their preambles in some European political systems with regard to “European communitarian values”

International conference organized by the Károlyi József Foundation and the French Institute Budapest, with the support of the Austrian Forum, the Czech Centre , the Belgian, the Polish and the Swiss Embassies in Budapest, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Budapest,

And the Fondation Robert Schuman, Paris

Károlyi kastély,

Petöfi u. 2, 8052 Fehérvárcsurgó, HUNGARY

On 8th and 9th march 2013

Context and aim:

It is often forgotten in today’s “multicultural” Europe that multiculturalism is based on a multiplicity of political and legal traditions which are themselves based on a variety of specific national histories, most of which are not known. This lack of historical knowledge is at the root of the ignorance among neighbors and the misunderstandings between the European central authorities in Brussels and the member States. This conference wishes to contribute to the effort to resolve these misunderstandings and to provide a better understanding that goes beyond the letter and spirit and the functioning of some European political regimes.

The conference is organized for jurists, researchers, students of history, sociology, law and political science but also for Hungarian and foreign invited political journalists and political life commentators in order to give them a better understanding of the politics and institutions of their neighboring European countries.

The conference will be inaugurated by Mr János Mártonyi, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr Renaud Galharague, Ambassador of France.

Among the participants: France: Jacques Barrot, Renaud Baumert, Pierre Delvolvé, Olovier Dutheillet de Lamothe; Begium: Francis Delpérée, Austria: Heinz Mayer; Germany: Thorsten Geissler, Csech Republic Ales Gerloch ; Swizerland: Daniel Thürer; Poland: P. Mazurkiewicz; Hungary:Jakab Andás, Schanda Balázs, Szájer József, Trocsányi László, Zászkaliczky Márton.

Languages of the lectures: Hungarian, French, German with simultaneous interpretation

The conference is free. Meals: 9€

Registration document attached with the overnighting possibilities

Contact: Joseph Károlyi Foundation, www.karolyi.org.hu; angelica@karolyi.org.hu kastely@karolyi.org.hu Tel 00 36 21 311 04 26.


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János Martonyi
Außenminister der Republik Ungarn
Thorsten Geissler
Leiter des Rechtsstaatsprogramm Südosteuropa der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Bence Bauer, LL.M

Bence  Bauer, LL


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