Restoration of Russia and the new world order

von Thomas Kunze

Contribution of KAS Moscow to the series "The World HandCOV'd"

Over the past 20 years, the Russian government has managed to dodge the impending state collapse and leave behind the economic chaos of the 1990s. This reinstatement as a major power was achieved primarily through incremental but effective upgrade of the armed forces. However, there is still a critical dependency on raw material exports.

Key takeaways

- The Russian Federation has re-emerged among the major powers as a military and raw materials stronghold.

- The resurgence takes place at a time when the unipolar world order is giving way to a multipolar setting. Russia is consciously striving for this multipolar arrangement, in which it has the role of an equal major power.

- The dispute between Beijing and Washington is intensifying. At the same time, the “West” is ridden with internal tensions, and globalization faces its first major crisis. The coronavirus pandemic acts as a catalyst. There are various scenarios for Russia’s future geopolitical role under such circumstances.

You can download the entire report as a pdf.