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Circular Economy and Gender

Gender equality is an integral component of achieving inclusive and sustainable development.
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Online event

Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis

Thursday, April 25 / 9:30 a.m. (🇵🇪/🇨🇴). Speaker: Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez Botero, National Coordinator of the Global Eco-Industrial Parks Program in Colombia.
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Presential week

Diploma in Nature-Based Solutions in Latin America

We successfully completed the week in Colombia (Bogotá and Puerto Carreño).
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Environmental security strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean: building resilience

This book, created in collaboration with our Environmental Security Network led by Professor Eduardo Pastrana Buelvas, seeks to address environmental challenges in the region and pr...
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Online Event

Public Policies for the promotion of the Circular Economy in Chile

We invite you to join the conference where you will learn about the work being done in Chile.
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Economía circular como estrategia de desarrollo

Conoce las estrategias de Uruguay y Costa Rica para impulsar la Economía Circular en la industria manufacturera y cómo abordar el reto de la transición circular.
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Ziel unserer Arbeit ist es, den überregionalen Dialog zur Energie-, Klima- und Umweltpolitik in Lateinamerika zu stärken. Hierfür koordinieren, initiieren und entwickeln wir geostrategische Analysen, Debatten und Ausblicke. Die Einbindung deutscher und europäischer Akteure ist für uns dabei von großer Bedeutung.

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Red de Ciudades Sostenibles y Alcaldías para la Democracia
Uso Sostenible del Agua
Los integrantes de la Red de Alcaldías nos comparten sus iniciativas y proyectos desarrollados para cuidar los recursos hídricos a nivel local.
Circular Economy Festival in Latin America
The Festival seeks to promote and celebrate the development of the circular economy in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also brings together, in person and virtually, key player...
Opinion and public participation in Latin America
First Forum on Inclusive Climate Governance
International specialists presented the topics of citizen participation, intergenerational environmental justice, public policies and climate governance.
April 26-28, 2023
6th Climate Week
More than 50 international specialists were part of the dialogue on Climate Change and the importance of aiming at sustainable development from visions of ecological justice.
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Innovation and technology as a solution: Nature, engineering and society.
Video on the topics: "Nature-based solutions" and "Social Innovation".
2022 Anniversary Day
Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors' Offices for Democracy
What is the purpose of the 🌎 Network? How has the work been done with local governments and the SDGs? Learn about this and much more in the video.
III Festival of Circular Economy in Latin America
In this third edition, international experts joined the plenary sessions, workshops and innovations fair. Learn more about the projects and initiatives in Circular Economy in the re...
#BiciEKLA of Climate Action for Latin America and the Caribbean
Learn more about the work we do in the EKLA Regional Program and join us on the journey #BiciEKLA takes to promote climate action in Latin America and the Caribbean 🌎.
Travel diary EKLA – EAN
Face-to-face week in Bogota and Medellin of the "Diploma Socioecological and Energy Transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean".
Water crisis in Latin America
Members of the Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors for Democracy reveal the local challenges and municipal projects that are being carried out in the region to reduce the water...