The Challenge of Building a “Free and Open” Indo-Pacific Region

- by Prof. Brahma Chellaney

The Indo-Pacific region, uniting the Indian and Pacific oceans, is the world’s economic and geopolitical hub.

It is home to the world’s most populous nations, largest economies, and largest militaries. While the Pacific is the world’s largest ocean, the Indian Ocean is also big, extending from Australia to the Middle East and southern Africa. Two-thirds of the world trade moves through the Indo-Pacific. This vast region includes more than half of Earth’s surface and two-thirds of the population. Just Asia is projected to have 40 percent of the world’s middle class by next year. More significantly, the Indo-Pacific is emerging as the center of global power and wealth. Building a stable balance of power that keeps the peace is at the heart of the security challenges in this sprawling region.





Peter Rimmele