Training Manual on SDGs for NGOs

- by KAS India & Council for Social Development

Freely accessible soft copy of the training manual on the SDGs for NGOs

Esteemed Readers,

The overarching goal behind the training manual on SDGs for NGOs comes down to capacity building for as many indian NGOs working directly at the grassroots level as possible in order to support them in implementing the SDGs at the local level throughout India.  

Our work on this manual commenced in the year 2020, two years ago, at a time of profound hardship and uncertainty due to a pandemic which radically changed our way of life from one day to another. Much like our lives, the pandemic has also greatly changed the way we approach working together towards achieving the SDGs and realising our shared vision of eradicating poverty and inequality as well as building a sustainable future.

Since the inception of the manual, we have come together with this very understanding, an understanding that the socio-economic crisis triggered by the pandemic compels us to intensify our efforts with even greater vigour and dedication towards achieving the goals of the SDGs despite all odds. 

With this notion of the absolute necessity of action in mind, we have designed the training manual to mobilise governments, businesses, civil society and local communities as well as non-governmental organisations alike to work jointly in close synergy to breathe life into the SDG targets across the subcontinent. 

We at KAS India and CSD wish you an informative and stimulating read.


Peter Rimmele