KAS Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Guidelines for postgraduate studies, field researches and other programmes in Germany

What is the KAS scholarship programme?

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) promotes higher education of not only Germans but also of nationals of other countries at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany. The KAS scholarship programme offers students the opportunity to obtain a German university degree (Master level) while deepening their special knowledge. KAS aims to make a contribution to the field of education and expects its scholarship holders to assume responsibility in their respective areas after returning to their home country.

Academic Programmes for which scholarship can be given are:

•Postgraduate Studies (Master) of up to 2 years

•Field Research of up to 6 months

•Summer schools/programmes and practical education of up to 6 months


For Summer semester, applications will be considered until 15th of November of every year.

For the winter semester, applications will be considered until 1st of June of the same year.

Applications for field research, summer schools/programmes and practical education should be received by KAS 3 months before the start of the programme.

For the above mentioned programmes aspirants have an option of applying to two offices of KAS for scholarships available as per the eligibility criteria given under:


S.No. Office of Application KAS Office India KAS Office Berlin (Headquarters)



The applicant must either be associated with or have worked for or be recommended by one of our partner organisations. Along with high commitment, excellent academic record and high social and/or political engagement.

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Age Limit


No age limit There is an age limit of 30 years for all applicants.



Thematically relevant field of studies in which KAS operates (International Relations, Law, Social Sciences, Media Studies and Public Administration)

More information on KAS’ Partners, thematic priorities and activities are available on our website.

The candidates, who are not associated with any partner of KAS India, irrespective of wanting to pursue studies which are thematically relevant field to KAS or not should apply directly at the headquarter of KAS in Germany.

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German language knowlegde


Not required

A sufficient knowledge of the German language (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is obligatory for all applicants even if the courses of their planned studies are taught in English.

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5. Documents to be sent if you qualify in above mentioned requirements


•Application Letter

•Degree and other relevant certificates

•Confirmation letter from the applied for institution

Details of all the documents that should be uploaded with the application can be found here.
6. Process

After reviewing these documents and deciding on the eligibility for a scholarship, we will invite the selected applicant for an interview with the KAS’ Country Representative.

The documents have to be uploaded on this portal. Applicants can follow this instruction manual in order to be guided through the application process.


Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta

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Simran Dhingra

Simran Dhingra kas

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

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