Gateway House - KAS Webcast on "QUAD OR SQUAD?"

This webcast will focus on Quad's ability to stitch together a reliable and resilient chain of partners in the region which can collectively place strategic deterrence and economic costs on Chinese adventurism in the short term and aspire to reformed multilateralism in the long term.


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Greetings from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, New Delhi & Gateway House, Mumbai!


A new multilateral is emerging, and it's called the Quad - the quadrilateral of democracies in the Indo-Pacific, the US., India, Japan & Australia.


Chinese assertiveness during the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the cooperation of what was a lose grouping, and intensified the desire to create a serious framework. It has already expanded its definition into the ''Quad Plus'', including countries like New Zealand, Vietnam and South Korea, with a focus on pandemic cooperation and economic revival.


It becomes imperative to examine areas of cooperation and contestation like:


  • Security Cooperation - Can a new charter for the Indo-Pacific create a larger global coalition of like-minded partners for strategic cooperation and provide a stronger deterrence to Chinese military adventurism? 
  • Economic Cooperation - How can the Quad members build around networks to create sustainable infrastructure and economic linkages, regionally and beyond? What reforms are needed to ensure a more globalised yet less dependent economic environment? 
  • Technological Cooperation - Can the regional players overcome capability mismatches to democratise and develop digital technology as a common global good? How can industrialised European nations like UK, France and Germany converge to counter Chinese digital hegemony and cyber threats? 
  • Reformed Multilateralism - How can the Quad, which hosts the four leading global voices, become the magnet that attracts like-minded nations to converge on the new world order realities?  


In order to find answers to these questions, the Gateway House, Mumbai & the India Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) are organising a Virtual Webcast on "QUAD OR SQUAD?" on Thursday 23rd July 2020 from 17:30-18:40 hrs (IST) on Zoom Platform.


We look forward to a kind word of confirmation to this exclusive webcast by registering at this link given below:


The event will also be live-streamed on YouTube. Please find below link for your perusal:


Thanking you and looking forward to your contributions at the event


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