The impact of lobby and special interest groups on political processes

Fourth Meeting of the "German-Italian Young Group"

The „German-Italian Young Group“ fosters the network between German and Italian juniors. Personal contact and a frequent examination of current German-Italian issues are supposed to strengthen the understanding of each other.


Thursday, November 14th 2013

3.15 pm

Quadriga Hochschule Berlin

Werderscher Markt 13

10117 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 44 72 94 00

Discussion with

René Seidenglanz

Vice President of Quadriga Hochschule

Topic: The MBA Public Affairs Master’s Program

4.30 pm

Hill & Knowlton

Friedrichstraße 148

10117 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 288758-43

Discussion with

Thomas Wimmer

Managing Director

Topic: Public Affairs & Lobbying in Germany – From a Consultancy’s Point of View

6.00 pm

Academy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Tiergartenstr. 35

10785 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 26996-0

Discussion with

Prof. Dr. Thomas Leif

Headreporter Televison Südwestrundfunk (SWR)

Political Scientist and Author

Topic: The effect of lobbying on parliament and democracy

Friday, November 15th 2013

9.00 am

Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- undElektronikindustrie e.V. (ZVEI)

Central association for Electric Technology and Electric Industry

Charlottenstraße 35/36

10117 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 306960-0

Discussion with

Stephan von Hundelshausen

Director of the ESCO Forum



Justin Just


Department security


Topic: Special interest groups in Economy –

Point of view of one of Germany’s most important industrial association

11.00 am

Bayer Pharma AG

Müllerstraße 178

13353 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 468-0

Discussion with

Dr. Florian Eckert

Capital representation

Bayer HealthCare Germany

Topic:Special interest groups in the Economy

2.30 pm

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Tiergartenstraße 35

10785 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 26996-0

Discussion with:

Gianluca Sgueo

Lecturer at the Bocconi University in Milan

Topic:The effect of lobbying on parliament and democracy from the Italian point of view

3.30 pm

Round table with

Timo Lange




Dr. Michael Koß

Head of the work group Policy

Transparency International Germany e.V.


Valentina Rigamonti

Coordinator of the national departments of Transparency International in Western Europe


Hans-Christian Maaß

Head of the Representative Office of Volkswagen AG in Berlin


Daniel Florian

Account Director

g+ (Germany)

Saturday, November 16th 2013

9.00 am

Guided bus tour of Berlin

with Ursula Herman

Mobile: 0173 / 781 44 79

11.30 am

Tour ending in Berlin-Mitte

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Zwischen „Klimabeeinflussung“ und der Forderung nach Transparenz: Ein Besuchsprogramm der Deutsch-Italienischen Jungen Gruppe nach Berlin, 14.-16.11.2013
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