Panorama 2/2007

Published as a part of the Regional Programme of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Southeast Asia Office, Panorama is a journal on East Asian and European Affairs. The articles published in this edition stem from the 9th East Asia-EU Think Tank Dialogue which took place for the first time in Japan in October 2007.


  • Global governance in the 21st Century: Common Challenges for East Asia and Europe by Willem van der Geest, Yeo Lay Hwee
  • East Asia, Europe and World Governance. The twain must meet in face of global challenges by Surin Pitsuwan
  • The Geopolitics of Energy in Asia: Indo-Chinese competition over Myanmar’s gas reserves by Marie Lall
  • Energy, Climate Change and Security: Prospects for Competition and Cooperation in Asia and ASEAN by Simon SC Tay
  • Strengthening Regional and Inter-regional Cooperation in Responding to Rising Extremism and Resurging Nationalism by Yeo Lay Hwee, Willem van der Geest, Sebastian Bersick


  • Singapore Declaration on Climate Change, Energy and the Environment
  • Charter of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations