How digitalisation is changing the international economy

Digitalisation, Trade, and Geopolitics in Asia

This series of papers provides us with a picture of the state of digitalisation in Asia prior to the pandemic, and to a certain extent, during the pandemic.
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A look inside RCEP

What's the real deal?

An analysis of the RCEP and what the U.S. and its value partners can expect from the world's largest trade bloc.
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(German-Japanese) Virtual Discussion with Minister of Defense...

Defense Ministers’ Forum Indo-Pacific: Japan and Germany's Engagement in the Region

(This is a German-Japanese session) Strengthening defense cooperation between Germany and the countries in the Asia Pacific region has been one of the priorities on the agenda of th...
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Case Studies from Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar

The Path to Success: How Women-owned Businesses Transform in the Era of Digitalization

The research looks at the effects of digitalization on WSMEs’ access to financing and mentoring, business management, as well as COVID-19 crisis management in 4 ASEAN countries..
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One year into the new EU commission and the new challenges ah...

“Together, Make Europe strong again”

As Europe is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic it faces challenges on an epic scale. Not just the recovery seems far, but even the foundation and principle values of the Euro...
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Die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ist eine politische Stiftung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Mit ihren Projekten und Programmen leistet sie einen aktiven und wirksamen Beitrag zur internationalen Zusammenarbeit und Verständigung. Auf dieser Seite stellen wir Ihnen das Engagement der Stiftung in Japan vor.

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