Social Economic Policies Asia (SOPAS) 2020-2022 Cycle

Inception Workshop and Programme Launch

The Social Economic Policies Asia (SOPAS) is a regional forum that contributes to the debate and reform of economic and governance models in Asia. It brings together a network of policy makers, economists, political analysts and thought leaders across Asia-Pacific to discuss emerging issues, propose policy alternatives and share best practices.



For the 2020-2022 cycle, SOPAS will focus on three strategic areas: (1) advancing female leadership, (2) free trade consolidation, and (3) the future of work. The programme will primarily work with the following countries: (1) India, (2) Japan, (3) Singapore, (4) South Korea, (5) Taiwan, and (6) Viet Nam. Please see attached document for more information on SOPAS.

The series of workshops conducted over a day, aim to establish partnerships with key regional stakeholders and jointly identify and define the themes covered and possible areas for cooperation under SOPAS’ three strategic areas. At the end of the workshops, a working framework for the program’s 2020-2022 implementation will have been created and agreed upon.


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Capitol Hotel Tokyu
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SOPAS Inception Workshop and Program Launch
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Cristita Marie Perez

Cristita Marie Perez KAS

Managerin des Regionalprogramms Soziale Ordnungspolitik Asien (SOPAS) +81 3 6426 5041