Digital Future Talk with Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt

Digital Masters – Germany's Lessons Learnt and Cambodia’s Way Forward

The Digital Future Talk will make the current digital trends in Cambodia and Germany a subject of discussion and exchange. Therefore the event on the 19th of April will bring together Cambodian and German experts.



09:00 – 09:20Arrival and Registration

09:20 – 09:30Welcoming Remarks and Briefing by Dr. Daniel Schmücking, KAS Country Representative

09:30 – 10:00Opening Presentation by Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt, MdL, Quadriga University Berlin

“Germany's Lessons Learnt – Policies, Leadership and Capabilities to embrace New Technologies”

10:00 – 10:20Grap a Coffee

10:20 – 11:30Panel Discussion: The Cambodian Digital Ecosystem - Perspectives

Trigger Presentation by Dr. Pheakdey Heng, Chairman Enrich Institute

The Digital Ecosystem in Cambodia


  • Mr. Sun Rapid, Vice President, National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT
  • Mr. Chanda Pen, Chief Executive Officer, Bongloy Payments PLC
  • Dr. Pheakdey Heng, Chairman Enrich Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt, MdL, Quadriga University Berlin
11:30 – 11:40Wrap Up and Closing by Mr. Robert Hör, Project Manager, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

11:40 Networking and Lunch at the Hotel

On the Topic

Digital and mobile technology advances have delivered far-reaching economic and social benefits for countries, companies and citizens. However, such development gains are far from automatic, and there are certain development challenges associated with the evolution of digitalization. In Cambodia, one can observe the increase of internet usage, the development of apps and other technologies. On the other hand, automatization may have certain impacts on Cambodian key industries.

Moreover, there is a risk that digitalization will lead to increased polarization and widening income inequalities, as productivity gains may accrue mainly to a few, already wealthy and skilled individuals. Winner-takes-all dynamics are typical in platform-based economies, where network effects benefits movers and standard setters.

Effective national and international policies are therefore needed to make sure the gains are spread evenly across as well as within countries. The policy challenge is multi-faceted. Policymakers need to balance the need for companies to collect and analyses data for innovation and efficiency gains, on the one hand, and the concerns of various stakeholders with respect to security, privacy and ownership of data, on the other.

The event will bring together representatives from private sector, key ministries and academics to discuss the development of Cambodia’s digital economy. Furthermore, the event will address the question of how public and private sector can adopt adequately and timely to fast growing digital innovations and technologies.

About the main speaker

Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt teaches and conducts research as a professor of digital transformation and politics at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany. After studying political science, modern history and public law at the universities of Jena, Bonn and Charlottesville (USA), Voigt completed his PhD on American political campaigning at the University of Chemnitz after several months of campaign observation in the USA. As an associate professor, he lectured on communications, public affairs and campaigning at the University of Jena. His research focus lies on the challenges of digital transformation, in particular on challenges of principal, national and international trends in digital public affairs, the social and political impact of digitalization, the efficacy of policy instruments and the role of big data and social media in public affairs and political campaigns.

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The event will be in English.

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Cambodiana Hotel


  • Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt
    • Dr. Heng Pheakdey


Digital Future Talk mit Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt: Digital Masters – Germany's Lessons Learnt and Cambodia’s Way Forward
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