Cambodia 2040: International Relations and Governance

Cambodia has experienced drastic changes since the signing of the Paris Peace Accords in 1991. Twenty-five years later, Cambodia is a lower middle-income country with consistently high GDP growth rates and concomitant improvements in human security as measured by the Human Development Index (HDI). The question that Cambodia confronts today is a seemingly simple one, but which is in fact remarkably complex: Whither Cambodia? From energy to industrialization to agriculture, how are the diverse sectors of Cambodian society and the Cambodian economy likely to develop over the next two decades?

Reseearch Study on a Former Khmer Rouge Prison M-13

by Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

The study of the history of the Khmer Rouge is a significant motive to prevent the future tragedy of violence and genocide from ever happening again. The examples of the regime’s violent acts are reflected through the experiences of forceful hard works, confiscation, torture, prisoning, and millions of innocent killings.


The Podcast about Cambodia´s Future

Anakut is a podcast about Cambodia, where it stands today and where it’s moving into the future. In each episode, we invite new guests into our studio to discuss a major thematic issue affecting the Kingdom of Wonder. The podcast is a Southeast Asia Globe production partnership Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Cambodia. Join us for the conversation!

Digital Insights

Sustainability and Digital Innovation

Digital innovation, new technologies and sustainability are the paramount topics of our time. The last decades cautioned humanity about the downsides of growth and development due to planetary boundaries. More and more people started realizing that our genius cannot sustain if we do not think sustainable. This volume of Digital Insights addresses the potential synergies of a sustainable and digital transformation.

Diplomatic Briefing V.2: Toward a Sustainable and Digital Future of ASEAN?

Various Authors

The Diplomatic Briefing is a biannual collection of categorized opinion pieces and short articles from an extended network of the scholarly community and regional experts, covering a wide range of issues from international relations, to sub-regional affairs, to foreign policy, to economic and trade, and beyond. Subscribe to Diplomatic Briefing for regular information about the publication.

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic: National and Regional Implications

Various Authors

Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the human lives of every conner across the world. Cambodia and the Southeast Asian region are no exception. This Foundation's particular publication is specifically looking into the impact of the pandemic in Cambodia and across the region in detail through the diplomatic, economic and social contexts.

Shaping the Future of German-Cambodian Relations

'Shaping the Future of German-Cambodian Relations' is the second publication of KAS Cambodia on the relationship between Germany and Cambodia. With this second version, the publication brings various discussions on political, economic, and socio-cultural relations of the two countries, while looking forward to the stronger relations and lighter future between the two with critical policy recommendations. Subscribe to the publication for detailed content.

Mekong Connect: Sustainable Development in the Mekong Region

Various Authors

This publication brings together authors who share common interest in environmental issues and socio-economic development to explore and develop thoughts, ideas, and knowledge about current and relevant topics related to the Mekong River and the communities whose livelihoods are based on the river. The topics range from analysing potential risks that are currently presented such as the construction of hydro-dams and climate change to discussing sustainable development frameworks for communities in Mekong riparian countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Cambodia 2040 Culture and Society

Summary of Cambodia 2040 Culture and Society

Cambodian Identity, Culture and Legacy

The current state of youth identity in Cambodia is less affected by the country’s violent history than their parents’ generation. Young Cambodians today are considered to be politically active and engaged. This group, born between 1986 and 2001, dominate a large part of the population representing 50 per cent of the entire country (Pen, Hok & Eng, 2007). Socio-economic transformation has significantly influenced the dynamic of youth through: urbanization, better education, internet access and information literacy, labour migration and social fragmentation (Pen et al., 2017). It is plausible to argue that these factors expose Cambodian youth to new ideas and values, technology and diverse economic opportunity. These experiences influence their expectation and aspiration. Learn more about this in the following article.