Questions and Answers about Covid-19 in Cambodia

In youtube channel on “Q&A Session about Covid-19” we provide information and methods how to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.
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Die Publikation ist ab sofort online abrufbar!

Digital Insights - Economic Transformation in Cambodia and Abroad

Nach dem offiziellen Launch der Publikation am 12.12.2018 ist die Publikation ab sofort online verfügbar. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!
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Mobile Journalism

Deutsche-Kambodschanisches Journalistentraining

Hier sind die Ergebnisse des Deutsch-Kambodschanischen Journalistentrainings.
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Digitale Wirtschaft in Battambang

Am 04. November fand in Battambang eine Konferenz zur Entwicklung einer lokalen digitalen Wirtschaft statt. Hier geht es zu den Impressionen.
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Die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) ist eine deutsche politische Stiftung. Sie arbeitet international mit Partnern aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Medien und Wissenschaft an Zukunftsthemen.

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By Sun Chhai
Podcast | Health
Health is wealth. Sun Chhai, author of #Cambodia2040, will tells how technology help developing a good healthcare system. Let's hear his podcast.
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By Hoy Sokkea
Podcast | Food
Everybody Loves Eating. Let's hear from HOY Sokkea, author of #Cambodia2040, shares her ideas of Cambodia's food industry with us
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By Khoun Theara
Podcast | Education: Pedagogy and Infrastructure
Education has the power to transform societies and make life better for our children. Let's hear from Khoun Theara, author of #Cambodia2040.
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By Rath Setha
Podcast | Education: Inclusivity, STEM, and Smart Design
As Cambodia embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a basic knowledge of digital literacy and ICT is essential for Cambodia to keep up with its ASEAN neighbours.
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By Din Darathtey
Podcast | Cambodian Identity, Culture, and Legacy
Let's hear from Din Darathtey, author of #Cambodia2040, who shares her thoughts of Cambodian Identity, Culture and Legacy.
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By Serey Visith Sokhan, Chandary Raing,Channara Rin
Building E-government Trust
It is ver imporatant to promote trust among citizens, espcially when it comes to first stage of introducing E-government. Check it out to know more about this article
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By Riccarodo Corrado
Riding Online Courses Destination: A Bright Future
This graph show how Cambodia use MOOCs to suport and improve the education and healthcare sectors. Check here to get a full understanding about MOOCs.
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By Sun Kim & Dr. Raimund Weiß
Speeding Towards E-governance: Learning from Estonia
Cambodia is undergoing a digital transformation towards E-government. Check this graph to learn more how can Cambodia learn from Estonia on E-governance.
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