KAS Cambodia Open Day 2022

An exhibition open to the public, introducing KAS Cambodia's projects and our partners.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Cambodia Open Day is an informal networking event for the public to have full access to KAS Cambodia and its partners’ initiatives and missions. KAS will introduce you to 2022’s objectives such as digitalization and sustainability, media and journalism, youth empowerment, rule of law, and international affairs. Meanwhile, the partners also have the opportunity to present their organizations’ projects.


In this Open Day, you will have the opportunities to learn more about KAS Cambodia, scholarship to study in Germany, internship experiences, as well as the engagement of our partners in Cambodia. We will set up exhibition booths based on our objectives and partners’ works in Cambodia. Additionally, we will have an “Opportunity-Sharing Booth” where available scholarships and internships will be introduced, including KAS-Horizon(IR-Training Program), KAS-PEA (Political Education Training), KAS-FLY (Legal Training), KAS Young Adenauer Scholars for Excellency (Scholarship and Capacity-Building) and Internship opportunities. 

**General Participants will get to know about KAS and our Partners on various activities through informal networking and information sharing sessions. Our partners will have one booth each to set up their organizations’ information-sharing space. 

The exhibition will include the German Embassy, DAAD German Academic Exchange, Department of Media and Communications (DMC, RUPP), Asian Vision Institute (AVI), and the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP). 

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