KAS-Female Legal Youth Network


To support young ambitious women in the legal sector of Cambodia Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Cambodia set up the KAS Female-Legal-Youth Network (KAS-FLY Network). The network will connect a group of high potential law students and young professionals with legal experts and support the development of professional and personal skills which are crucial for the future endeavour in the legal sector.


Call for Application

Applications are now open for potential female students, and young professionals in legal sector in Cambodia. Interested applicants are invited to submit their resume and a motivation letter through online application by February 24, 2020. Significant weight will be given to those applicants who demonstrate commitment and willingness to participate in the network though out one-year period, and their experiences in project management preferably in legal field in Cambodia.


To empower women in legal sectors in Cambodia and equip them with practical experiences crucial for their future career in legal field

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the KAS-Female Legal Youth, applicants must:

  • Be a Cambodian female law student (preferably in junior or senior year), or a Cambodian female young professionals in the field of law
  • Have basic and good knowledge in English especially in writing
  • Have high commitment in participating in various training sessions throughout a one-year-period
  • Have basic knowledge and experience in project management ideally in the field of law
  • Demonstrate a good teamwork and a problem solving skill


  • Opportunity to build network and connect with like-minded people in the legal sector in Cambodia
  • Gain knowledge and skill beyond what has been taught at the university
  • Able to gain hand-on experience in organizing own project that contribute betterment in Cambodian legal sector
  • Opportunity to be invited to various events/conferences organized by KAS Cambodia

How to apply

Interested applicants are invited to submit their resume and a motivation letter through online application No Later Than February 24, 2020. Successful applicants will be contacted for further information at least two weeks after the deadline of the application.

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