Legal Terminology

Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony of the eight-week training course on legal terminology.


Successful participation in our legal trainings and seminars is closely linked to understanding its legal terminology. Under the guidance of Soth Sang-Bonn, Lawyer and Senior Advisor at the Senate, staff members from the Senate, the National Assembly and the Ministry of Women Affairs are intensively trained at legal terminology over a period of 8 weeks. The trainings should enable the staff members to support the politicians in translating, analyzing and understanding legal texts and laws.

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  • Rabea Brauer
    • H.E. Oum Sarith
      • H.E. Leng Peng Long
        • Soth Sang Bonn

          Rabea Brauer

          Rabea Brauer

          Leiterin des Länderprogramms Japan und des Regionalprogramms Soziale Ordnungspolitik in Asien (SOPAS)

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