National Internet Gateway: Security or Scrutiny?

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​​​​​​By the time we start to speak, all Cambodia’s internet traffic will be entering the third day of the National Internet Gateway. This new law brings a lot of public discussion over the Kingdom’s digital ecosystem and freedom of expression since it will allow the authorities to monitor all web traffic in the country, bringing more questions to the state censorship and freedom of expression. 


“The ‘Sub-decree on the Establishment of the National Internet Gateway,’ due to come into effect on 16 February, will have a serious negative impact on internet freedom, human rights defenders and civil society in the country, further shrinking the already-restrictive civic space in Cambodia,” according to the UN human rights experts. “The fact is that the creation of the National Internet Gateway adheres to the principles of legality, necessity and proportionality, and contributes to the realization of Cambodia’s vibrant digitalization, a driving force to growth and development,” according to the Permanent Mission of Cambodia in Geneva. 


Does the National Internet Gateway bring a set of setbacks to Cambodia’s freedom of expression or does it set a step forwards for growth and development? Is the National Internet Gateway a security or scrutiny for the Kingdom? Let’s join our public discussion of the KAS Talk on February 18, 2022, 5:30 PM, at KAS Cambodia Office. Register here to reserve the spot!


Discussion Program

5:30PM – 5:40PM:     Introductory Remarks       

5:40PM – 6:40PM:     Panel Discussion on National Internet Gateway

6:40PM – 7:00PM:    Open Discussion

7:00PM:                        Wrap-up and Reception


Come join us by getting yourself a free registration here by March 09, 2022. The number of seat is limited.


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