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Promoting Gender and Political Dialogue in Constituencies

Senators and Parliamentarians meet in Pailin

In cooperation with KAS, the Senate of Cambodia holds the last Regional Meeting of 2009 in Pailin. Main topics of the 3 day forum will be promotion of gender issues and political dialogue with constituencies.


Participants will come from the Senate, National Assembly, Ministry of Women's Affairs, Ministry of Planning/ Finance/ Interior/ Rural Development. Members of relevant Civil Society Organizations will also be present. The Regional Meeting will be joined by all Provincial Governors, District Governors and Head of all Councils of Region 5. All in all, 200 participants are expected. Lectures will be on promotion of women and politics and the work of female councils.

These Regional Meetings are held in each Region every year, choosing relevant and pressing topics of the area.

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Pailin Province


Rabea Brauer

Rabea Brauer

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