The Lebanon Chronicles

The Lebanon Chronicles is an independent platform for captivating, innovative journalism from Lebanon authored by young Lebanese journalists.


The Lebanon Chronicles is an independent platform for captivating, innovative journalism from Lebanon authored by young Lebanese journalists. The stories being told are conveying a broader picture and a deeper understanding of the situation and everyday life in the country. It is an independent KAS branded news channel with exclusive content hosted by (


The Lebanon Chronicles aims to identify young talented Lebanese journalists, to accompany them on their journalistic journey, to assist them in the production process and provide them with a publication opportunity in a German media outlet with established reputation. Berlin-based Zenith is the country’s leading Middle East magazine, both online and in print, with a vast experience of facilitating ambitious reporting projects in different Middle East contexts.


Are you a Lebanese journalist, itching to write on a topic that sheds light on Lebanon and the Lebanese from a different angle? 

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The views expressed in the articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of KAS.



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