Children Getting It Right With Human Rights: A Training Manual on the Rights of the Child

A training manual that covers 17 basic rights of a child, based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child by the United Nations. It shows how a trainer, through the use of games and activities, is able to convey the messages of these 17 basic rights.


Training modules

1.Article 2: We are the same

2.Article 3: What’s best for me?

3.Article 4: To do all we can

4.Article 5: Good parents/bad parents

5.Article 6: Life

6.Article 7: Registration at birth

7.Article 12: Hey, listen to me

8.Article 14: Freedom of thought, conscience & religion

9.Article 18: “It’s for your own good”

10.Article 19: The first step to protecting children from violence

11.Article 22: Rights of Children

12.Article 23: A way of life

13.Article 24: Health, anyone?

14.Article 27: Standard of living

15.Article 28: Rights of a child to education

16.Article 29: Education – preparation for life

17.Article 31: I want to play.