Fighting Corruption: My Mission

von Tunku Abdul Aziz
Fighting Corruption: My Mission is a selection of speeches, articles and letters on issues of corruption, governance, transparency, accountability, integrity and basic ethical standards by former Vice-Chairman of Transparency International Tunku Abdul Aziz.


In addition, media profiles on the critical views of the outspoken author who is also a member of the World Bank High Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption in the East Asia and Pacific Region have been included in this very timely book.

This most authoritative and up-to-date book by a highly respected Malaysian citizen is a must for all who are interested in good governance and the fight against corruption in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Quotes from the book:

"Corruption is not just about money changing hands."

"At its most pervasive, corruption even compromises the sovereignty of nations."

"If we lack the political will or do not have the administrative stomach for strong, uncompromising enforcement of the laws of the land without fear or favour, then the fight against corrupt forces is already lost even before the battle lines are drawn."

"The Anti-Corruption Agency must be revamped and made an Independent Commission Against Corruption on similar lines as the highly respected and effective ICAC of Hong Kong and New South Wales, Australia."

"At present Ministers declare their assets to the Prime Minister. To whom does the Prime Minister declare his? An interesting question."

Message from Prime Minister Malaysia

As a former Vice President of Transparency International and President of the Kuala Lumpur Society for Integrity and Transparency. Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has played a significant role in influencing how governments and societies view and respond to the issues of integrity, transparency, and its anti-thesis-corruption. Once regarded as a taboo subject in many societies, corruption and the fight against it have now entered the realm of public discourse and has even become an important part of government policy in countries all over the world. No doubt some of this is owed to the pioneering work of actors such as Transparency International and others in terms of highlighting the illeffects of corruption on the economic, social and political life of a country. This alone should make Tunku Aziz's book "Fighting Corruption - My Mission" a fascinating and compelling read.

But beyond this, I feel that this book, which is primarily a compendium of Tunku Aziz's major speeches, is also an attempt to tell the story of how one man was able to harness his personal passion and deep commitment to the values of ethics and integrity, give it a larger purpose and meaning, and turn it into a force to transform society for the better. His work has not always been easy, but he has always remained true to the cause. For this, Tunku Aziz deserves our respect and support.

Last but not least, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Tunku Aziz on the publication of his book. It is my sincere hope that Tunku Aziz's book will serve as an inspiration to Malaysians from all walks of life to pursue a life of integrity and to combat corruption wherever they find it, be it in their personal or professional life. After all, in the fight against corruption, success does not depend on government initiatives alone, but on the willingness and active participation of all members of society.

Dato' Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi