Making SDGs Matter

Leaving No One Behind

The book presents a unique collection of policy recommendations to address the issues and challenges identified. The authors propose solutions that can transcend local, national and international levels, and with that they demonstrate how the SDGs can be utilised to address the issues across the four policy areas.


Making SDGs Matter: Leaving No One Behind



Introduction – Making the SDGs Matter: Leaving No One Behind
 by Alizan Mahadi


SDGs and the Well-Being of the Orang Asal and Orang Asli
 by Adrian Lasimbang & Kon Onn Sein


Conservation Tourism on Mantanani Island, Sabah: Impact on the Indigenous Community
by Junaenah Sulehan & Jamal Gabir


Development Approaches for the Orang Asli Laut as an Indicator of “ Leaving No One Behind”?
by W. A. Amir Zal


Rethinking Malaysian Rural Development and Transformation in Relation to the SDGs
by Larry Chee-Yoong Wong & Ryan Chua


The Relevance of CORDEX Southeast Asia Regional Climate Projection: Malaysia’s Perspectives
by Fredolin Tangang & Chung Jing Xiang


IWRM as a Systemic Approach to Climate Change Adaptation and SDGs
by Salmah Zakaria, Wan Izar Haizan Wan Rosely & Aiman Hafiz Mohd


A New Approach to Climate Change Policy in Malaysia
by Darshan Joshi


Localising SDGs: Observations from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on SDGs
by Alizan Mahadi


Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies: Good Governance and Institutional Reform Proposals in Malaysia
by Shad Saleem Faruqi


Whole Institutional Transformation for a Sustainable University: The Case of Humanising Education at IIUM
by Zainal Abidin Sanusi


Unlocking the Paradox Between SDG16 and Democratic Governance in Malaysia
by Khoo Ying Hooi


Role of Civil Society Organisations in Localising SDGs in Malaysia
by Denison Jayasooria


Conclusion – A Whole of Society Approach towards the SDGs and Leaving No One Behind
by Alizan Mahadi