Principles and Practices of Good Governance: The Way Forward For Sabah

This publication hopes to complement the government's efforts in instilling greater awareness of and concern about the importance of good governance.


It is basically a compilation of relevant papers on governance issues as well as working papers presented at IDS seminars and workshops, and at related public meetings organised by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The papers have been organised around four key thematic areas to underline the importance of good governance in the public as well as in the private sector.

Section I of this book provides some basic understanding of the relationship between politics and government; and the essence of effective governance and the rule of law. Factors that underpin the process of good governance in a global perspective and some Malaysian examples of governance in practice are discussed. The government's agenda on good governance to stem corruption is highlighted. There is a paper on the transformation of the state's civil service into a knowledgeable public service or K-Public Service. A discussion on moral values and global ethic from a German perspective is also included.

Section II deals with good governance in the civil service. It gives an account of the issues and challenges in enhancing good governance in the civil service. Elements of good local governance and local governance in Malaysia with respect to planning and implementation are discussed. Aspects of sustainable development and their linkages to Agenda 21 from a Malaysian perspeective have also been included.

Section III focuses on good corporate governance practices. Emphasis is placed on the importance of promoting good corporate governance. Issues discussed in this section include strategic risk management and internal controls of global companies, transformation process of local companies and shareholder activism.

Section IV looks at the role of the media in promoting good governance. It includes a discussion of the state of the Malaysian media; on overview of media laws and the role of mass media in enhancing the practice of good governance.

In the preparation of this publication, every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of facts in the papers submitted. Wherever possible, the contributors' original writing style or expression has been retained, though some form of deliberate omission is inevitable in order to confirm to publication guidelines.

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