Universal Values And Human Renewal A Reader


How do you set standards for a Malaysian Civil Society?

What are the standards applicable for a civil society in Malaysia? And how are these standards affected by our cultural & religious diversity?

In hoping to answer these questions, the Malaysian Institute of Management has put together this book - Universal Values and Human Renewal A Reader. It is a compendium of works from profound scholars - both ancient and modern: Eastern and Western.

The abstracts, papers and articles are meant to provoke and engage individuals (especially participants of THORA) into discussions, deliberations and reflection, with the aim of assisting them in their search for Renewal.

The Reader is divided into three sections, namely:

1. Universal Values: with the wisdom of Confucius, Ibn Khaldun, Gandhi, The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Hans Kung.

2. The State as Community: with the thoughts of Plato, George Orwell, Matsushita, Nelson Mandela, Amartya Sen and Schumacher.

3. Civil Society: with commentaries from Chandra Muzaffar, Helen Keller, Harun Hashim, Tarcisius Chin and Peter Schier.

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