World Religions-Universal Peace-Global Ethic Exhibition





Global Ethic Foundation,

Konrad Adenauer Foundation and

and Malaysian Interfaith Network

Supported by Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

Venue sponsored by National Library Board, Singapore

Time: During the opening hours of the library

The National Library of Singapore will host the world-renowned exhibition World Religions – Universal Peace – Global Ethic for the first time in this mod-ern multi-religious and multi-cultural city-state.

This enlarged and revised exhibition is the result of a close collaboration be-tween the Global Ethic Foundation (GEF) in Tübingen (Germany), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF) and the Malaysian Interfaith Network (MIN) over the past 4 years. It is based on a lifetime research by the famous theologian Professor Hans Küng and the inputs of many other international experts and representatives from all religious backgrounds.

The exhibition World Religions - Universal Peace - Global Ethic invites visitors to explore the fascinating world of the religions so that they can have a better understanding of the importance of their ethical messages for our present-day society. People of all religions know far too little about one another. Above all they know far too little about what all the religious and ethical tra-ditions have in common. And, this is why misunderstanding and prejudice still exist among people of different faiths which are often misused by religious and political extremists. This exhibition, which is showcased for the first time in Singapore, tries to contribute towards changing that.


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Level 7, Promenade, National Library, Singapore


Dr. Peter Schier



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