Balkan Multimedia project for young journalists

Until 17 of October journalists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, France and Germany can apply for a four-week international project.

Freedom of media, its political role and the relationship between France, Germany and South East Europe – those are just some of the topics young journalists from five countries will deal with during a four-week workshop starting on 17 November. Under the title "Balkan Multimedia", the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and other partners invites three young journalists of each country. Since fifteen years already the South-East Europe Initiative of the FGYO has contributed to the build-up and stabilization of civil society, the peaceful and democratic development of South East Europe and the dialogue between civil society organizations from Germany, France and the Balkans.

The upcoming project focuses on the special role of media in building up and stabilizing civil societies in the Balkans. This is why it is important for young journalists to exchange experiences with their colleagues from other European countries and to establish professional contacts with them. Because of the current far-reaching changes in the media systems and the increasing diversification of journalistic content, the project includes a media training where print, radio and television journalists together will receive a fundament in multimedia working methods. In small seminar groups with participants from different cultural backgrounds they can strengthen their personal and professional profiles and experience intercultural communication. During the first two weeks of the project, the participants will work on topics such as media systems in Europe, the effects of new media technologies, the Franco-German relations and fundamental questions concerning the freedom of media in South East Europe. In the third week small trilateral production teams will be send to different areas in South East Europe to do field research, and the last week will be dedicated to the production and presentation of the reports. What remains after the journalists are back in their home countries is a joint internet platform where the productions of the journalistic teams will be published and dialogue and exchange between the participants can continue.

Interested young journalists under the age of 30 can apply for the workshop by suggesting two topics or stories they would like to work on during the project, concerning the key theme "freedom of media in South East Europe". Moreover, they need to answer a couple of questions regarding their journalistic experience and the role of journalists in general until 17 October.

Interested people can contact the office of the Media Program South East Europe of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for further information.

Author: Franziska Türk