Current Situation of Provincial Management and the Pressing Issues

„National Conference“ held in Dornogobi province


In cooperation with the Mongolian Provincial Management Union, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation from the Republic of Germany has organized a national conference “Current situation of provincial management and the pressing issues” in Sainshand, Dornogobi on 4-5 September 2010.

Representatives from the capital city, 21 provinces and 329 soums, the Great Parliament, the Cabinet, the President’s office and other government organizations participated in the conference.

The national conference evaluated the 18 years since the provincial management system newly founded and discussed about the current pressing issues.

During the conference on the first day parliament member, head of Mongolian Provincial Management Union. Su.Batbold presented on the topic conference “Current situation of provincial management and the pressing issues”, Mongolian Cabinet Secretariat Deputy Head D.Nyamjav presented on the topic “Evaluating the provincial management activities and issues to emphasize further”, and Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation representative Johannes D. Rey presented on the topic “Province self-management principle” and all presenters carried out a discussion.

On the second day, 3 branch meetings occurred on topics “Provincial management and constitutional compendium reform”, “Administrational and territorial reform – position of self-management organizations”, and “Provincial management autonomy, local assets and budget”.

The national conference developed and delivered proposals to the Great parliament and Cabinet and prepared recommendations for the local authority. The national conference was completed successfully.

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Dornogobi, Sainshand


Johannes D. Rey

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