Book launch "FeMALE Diplomacy - Women in Foreign Policy"

Only a few women sit at the negotiating table when it comes to war and peace. Foreign and security policy remains a largely male dominated domain in politics. As of June 2019, 11 women are serving as Head of State and 12 are serving as Head of Government. As of January 2019, only 20.7 per cent of government ministers worldwide were women. The five most commonly held portfolios by women ministers are: Social Affairs; followed by Family/Children/Youth/Elderly/Disabled; Environment/Natural Resources/Energy; Employment/Labour/Vocational Training; and Trade/Industry.



For the publication “FeMALE Diplomacy”, German Member of Parliament, Elisabeth Motschmann has brought together a group of women active and successful in Foreign Policy who underline the addedvalue of women in Foreign Policy but also highlight the obstacles they have encountered along their way.

We cordially invite you to discuss with co-authors of the publication, diplomats and politicians about ways and means to enhance the presence of women in foreign policy decision-making.


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  • Elisabeth Motschmann
    • Member of the German Parliament and editor of the book
  • Ambassador Fatima Kyari Mohammed
    • African Union
  • Ambassador Adela Raz
    • Afghanistan
  • Ambassador Jürgen Schulz
    • Germany
  • Ambassador Christine Schraner-Burgener
    • UN Special Envoy for Myanmar

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