Luncheon Debate "The female face of migration"

Although the share of women in the total number of international migrants fell from 49.3% (2000) to 47.9% in 2019, the situation varies across regions. In North America, Europe and Oceania the percentage of migrating women has surpassed 50%. Also Latin America and the Caribbean are hosting already 49.9% of migrant women. These women often migrate alone in search for better jobs, education opportunities and greater freedoms. On their journey or in their countries of destination they often become victims of fraud, abuse, rape or discrimination. According to UNODC data the majority of victims of human trafficking are women and young girls (71%). This data clearly highlights the need to strengthen the instruments for protection, but also for information campaigns amongst migrant women. We cordially invite you to discuss with our panelists how current challenges can best be addressed.



In light of the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), this event has been cancelled.


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  • Dr Vjosa Osmani
    • President of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo | Annette Widmann-Mauz
    • Minister of State for Migration
    • Refugees and Integration
    • Germany | Onaba Payab
    • Advisor to the First Lady of Afghanistan | Ashraf El-Nour
    • IOM Director of the New York Office | Ghida Anani
    • ABAAD Delegates from Mozambique

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