Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP)

Politisches Fortbildungsprogramm

The Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) is a political training programme of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to strengthen political parties and develop a cadre of accountable and responsible young political leaders.


The training is aimed at enabling the participants to not only enhance their knowledge by learning about political theories and concepts, but also to develop practical skills by engaging in concrete actions in the form of political projects that can help to improve their own parties.


Over the course of this two year programme, participants will receive the opportunity to learn the background necessary for the development of mature democracies of local political parties, internal dynamics and its impact on the welfare of their constituencies , exercise of leadership, electoral process and how these contribute to good governance. By enhancing the skills and competencies of members and representatives of political parties, the programme aims to create a cadre of political leaders that will make a difference not only to their political parties but in their respective countries.


Today, the programme spans geographically across most of Asia. Six years on and the KASYP programme has a strong database of active alumni members and young political leaders from the region.


Application information:


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Rey Padit

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Programmmanager Politische Kooperation

rey.padit@kas.de +65 6603 6161 +65 6227 8343
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