Advancing Democratic Leadership and Governance in Asia

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Nature of ADLA

The Asian Democratic Leaders’ Alliance (ADLA) is an alliance of leaders and organizations in Asia that shares a common interest in making democracy work for the people in their respective countries and the region in general.

ADLA is a non-profit organization that is open to different political beliefs that adhere to democratic values and principles.


Mission of ADLA

ADLA aims to advance and consolidate democracy in Asia through:
- a community of responsible and accountable civic, business, and political leaders,
- a learning and engagement platform on public policy, peace building, and sustainable development, and
- an inclusive network of organizations and groups that promotes democratic leadership and governance.


Nature of ADLA

​​​​​​​ADLA envisions a society where individuals live with freedom, dignity, prosperity, and peace as a result of democratic governance and leadership.


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