Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASY): 1st Training-Workshop for Batch 12

Political Parties’ Functions and Organizations in Democratic Societies

As the pandemic continues to constrain international travel, the new batch of young politicians will hold their first training-workshop virtually this coming 11 – 16 April 2021 via Zoom. The new batch, KASYP 12 is composed of 26 fellows representing 12 Asian countries.


KASYP Module 12.1 Announcement
KASYP Module 12.1 Announcement

Since 2010, we have successfully trained close to 200 young political leaders in the region and supported the development of their respective political projects through the Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP). This training programme is designed to strengthen political parties in Asia and to develop a cadre of accountable and responsible young political leaders. Furthermore, it aims to develop their skills by engaging them in concrete actions in the form of political projects that can help to improve their own political parties and their constituency.

The KASYP is a two-year programme with two workshops a year focusing on four different political and policy themes. This coming April 2021, we will meet with our twelfth batch of young politicians from twelve different Asian countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand to kick-start the first training module on political parties’ functions and organisations in democratic societies.

For the first module, the main objective is to provide participants with background knowledge on diverse political and party systems in Asia, skills in communication and party platform development, and training on democratic leadership (first session on ownership).

Core topics would include political ideologies, intra-party democracy, and political and party systems in Asia. To complement these core topics, there will be elective topics based on the learning needs of the participants. Options for the elective topics may include political dynasties, corruption, transparency and accountability, party financing, etc. Meanwhile, for skills training, participants will undergo a workshop on pitching, framing, storytelling, public speaking, and party platform development. The final input of module one will be a workshop on democratic leadership values through the Bridging Democratic Leadership framework. Session 01 of the BDL will focus on the topic of ownership.

Each module will have corresponding deliverables. For this module, the required outputs are the following: political party platform and BDL outputs (leadership journey, leadership capital and development plan, giving voice to values, and public narrative).

We wish the Fellows of KASYP Batch 12 an enjoyable, successful, and meaningful KASYP training programme!


KASYP Module 12.1 Programme

Hier finden Sie das Programm zum Download: 2021-2022 KASYP Programme Information and Guidelines

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