„New Minds – Old Challenges“ War and Peace (fully booked)

Exploring War and Peace in the 21st Century

Veranstaltung in englischer Sprache im Rahmen der Vorbereitungen für die Mitteleuropa-Jugendakademie


New Minds - Old Challenges War and Peace
New Minds - Old Challenges War and Peace

You are a university student and under 30 years old? Great! We would like to invite you to speak with young people from all over Central Europe. Over the past 30 years, East Central Europe has undergone far-reaching transformations. The old socialist value systems were delegitimized. The reorientation towards the West and the new European Union fluctuated between enthusiasm and nostalgic uncertainty.

What kind of world view does someone develop who grows up in such a time? How important is social cohesion for you? Share your experiences in online workshops dedicated to different values. How do you think about the future? What hopes do you have, which fears do you share? And how much do your perspectives differ among yourselves and from country to country?

Build networks with likeminded young people from all over Central Europe. Learn more about different perspectives on social issues. Discuss your views with leading experts. And if you still want more, we will offer you the possibility of attending our KAS Winter School in Dresden next year.

This and more awaits you. We are looking forward to your application.

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