Inception Seminar for Work Plan 2021 and Training of Trainers Component

KAS-PDA’s Business for Social and Environmental Development Project

The Population and Community Development Association or PDA will hold an internal seminar to explain about the activity plan and budget as well as to recheck the preparedness of each Community-based Integrated Rural Development (CBIRD) Centre for this year’s implementation. Also at this event, there’s a workshop session aiming at training the responsible staffs to equip with lecturing skills and to understand deeply about the essence of the project. This will assist them in approaching the new audiences in the target groups more effectively which will fulfil the project’s objectives in the long run.


Agenda of the activity:

  • Opening and keynote by Mr Wilas Techo, President of the PDA;
  • Update on financial issues by Mrs Jiraporn Srisakul, Manager of the Division of the FAB, PDA-headquarters;
  • SWOT Analysis of the 2020-activities by Mr Teerayuth Kukangwan, senior researcher, PDA-headquarters;
  • Progress report and update from year-end 2020 to the first three months of 2021 by representatives from all seven CBIRD Centres;
  • Activity plan and action plan for 2021-activities by Ms Arunee Banpabuth, researcher and project manager, PDA-headquarters;
  • Workshop session on “Training of Trainers”; and
  • Wrap-up and conclusion


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CBIRD Centre Ratchaburi
75 Moo 7, Lamyai Road, Potharam District,
70120 Ratchaburi Province


Next Steps of the Business for Social and Environmental Development: PDA’s Inception Seminar
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